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About us

Welcome to Vedic Yagya Center. Vedic Yagya Center was founded in 2002 by Pandit Sharma Chandra Sekhara Samavedula, a 6th generation Sama Veda Pandit, who has been performing Vedic Yagyas for people in need for various reasons throughout the world for over 25 years. Vedic Yagya Center (or VYC) operates globally and has facilities near Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh, India, Administrative office in Austin Texas USA and another main office in CA, U.S.A. It employs a big core group of very well qualified and highly experienced and skilled Vedic Pundits representing all 4 branches of the Vedas, who are experts in different kinds of Yagyas, Homas and Pujas. We also excel in organizing major events such as Maha Yagyas, which can have as many as 100 to 150 Pundits conducting it, Kumbhabishekams, Prana Prathishta Ceremonies (infusing life energy in to idols) and other major events on a grand scale. VYC provides to clients the most authentic and effective traditional Vedic Yagyas and pujas as prescribed in the Sacred Vedas and Shastras, the ancient holy Indian scriptures in strict adherence to Vedic principles. Vedic Yagya Center is really special in providing perfect for solutions to people giving happiness, satisfaction and prosperity to all, through Vedic Yagyas.

Pundit C S Samavedula’s keen interest in Vedic sciences and using them, applying them to resolve problems sparked from his grandfather’s influence to a great extent. This sparked his deep desire to use this as his main tool and to pursue this as his career. Since then he has been constantly exploring Vedic science and has been using this vast knowledge and has been applying Supreme Vedic Science to resolve issues from all aspects of life for all the people across the globe.

Pundit C S Samavedula, who is a very highly valuable asset of Vedic Yagya Center has made VYC extra special when compared to any other similar organization. He has travelled a lot all over the world and visited many countries learning many cultures and understood them well. This has given him vast experience, profound knowledge and deep insight about people and on their unique problems. His immense spiritual strength added to his vast experience and made him an expert in resolving almost all kinds of problems for many people, organizations large groups across the globe. He is also an adept in dealing with a variety of Vedic techniques that are highly customized based on the unique needs of each individual and work with their special needs more closely thus yield highly satisfying and effective results.

We at Vedic Yagya Center therefore confidently claim of having most wide range of Yagyas, and most highly skilled Pundits with tremendous knowledge in doing the perfect Yagyas thus making many people happy and satisfied. Our commitment in doing Yagyas in the most authentic way is unmatched and therefore we offer most beneficial and effective Yagyas. Our honesty and loyalty is unquestionable and as we have many offices globally we operate 365 days a year so as to be available to all at all times including some very special rare moments. Please contact us for learning more about Yagyas or Homas. We are always very happy and eager to serve you and answer your questions at any time.