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About Yagya

What is Yagya

what-is-yagyaYagyas are a regular part of the individuals and community life in ancient Vedic civilization. These Vedic rituals each have a specific intended result; they are performed in a precise manner and at an auspicious time by trained Vedic Priests/Pundits. The formulas for these Vedic performances have come down to us from time immemorial.

As spiritual beings living the human experience, we can choose to rely exclusively on our worldly resources, or we can petition the aid of our allies in the divine realms. By contacting the celestial field of life during the Yagya, the Vedic Priest appeals to this Divine energy and asks for grace and intervention on behalf of the person requesting the Yagya. With the support of the Divine, one is able to more easily achieve improved health, greater wealth, and spiritual enlightenment.

The response from the Divine is mysterious by its very nature, but it is not magical. Results are sometimes dramatic, as seen in people who suffer from terrible diseases. However, the Yagya itself does not take away the disease—it helps to clear away karmic obstacles so that the doctor’s treatments can be effective. Thus, we don’t claim that we can change every condition; we do what we can so that the infusion of Divine help can make life smoother and more positive. The Vedic rituals are like insurance policies for the individual, the family, businesses and the world.

Purpose of Yagya

pupose-of-yagyaThe purpose of a Yagya is to create life-supporting effects and to help amend any unwanted tendencies or prevent them from manifesting in undesirable way. Yagyas help to eliminate or reduce negativity in life while bringing additional support for maximum success and fulfillment. By counteracting negative karma from our past actions, the Yagyas help to create positive karma for the future.

Yagyas provide remedies to help resolve problems in various spheres of life. They are designed to solve specific health, financial, or relationship problems, to balance a difficult astrological (jyotisha) period, or to encourage a beneficial event to occur. They are also employed for protection, to gain support for the fulfillment of a specific personal or business related desire, or to enhance evolution and spiritual growth towards enlightenment.

Vedic Solutions for All Problems

vedic-solutionsHuman beings can experience all glories, both worldly and divine; nevertheless, human life is full of challenges and obstacles. Health, wealth, and family are all vulnerable to misfortune and fate due to the influence of the planets in one’s life.

Vedic Yagya Center provides traditional solutions for the problems confronting human life. We offer pujas and Yagyas (sacred ceremonies), homams (ancient fire ceremonies), and mantra japam (meditative repetition of a mantra) as prescribed in the Vedas and Shastras, the holy scriptures of Hinduism. By utilizing the sound vibrations of specific Sanskrit mantras, our authentic and effective Yagyas, as prescribed by these holy texts, can help alleviate many problems of our modern times.