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Maha Vidya Homa for Sri Bhairavi Devi

February 19


Maha Vidya Homa for Sri Bhairavi Devi

Tuesday February 19, 2019: 6th Pournami

Description & Benefits: Saves devotees unconditionally when one ardently meditates upon Her and they will gain public good will & popularity.


Also known as Sri Tripura Bhairavi Devi, this Fierce Goddess who excels in Dance, is the one and only who equals Lord Shiva in Tandava Natyam (Dance). She has the brilliance & radiance of 1000 Suns put together in shine and luster. She is known for her “Artha Trana Parayanatwam” which means Her benevolence and mercy are so opportune for the seeker that in case of emergency, She does not wait a moment to save her devotee from trouble nor will she delay or wait to test devotion. In a time of need if any one seeks or ardently meditates upon Her, this goddess will be instantly come to the rescue and save one from any calamities in life. Devotees will also gain public good will and popularity.



Pundit Samavedula