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Yagyas – general information

What is a Yagya? Where is its origin? How do they influence us? How do Yagyas work? These are some very common questions that arise in our minds. Here are few simple answers to these questions along with some additional information in this subject.

Q1: What is Yagya?
“A Yagya is a Vedic process (Prescribed by the Sacred Vedic Texts) for the benefit of the Human race by bringing them into harmony with the all the forces of nature by engaging their lives to an advancement of life by using the Cosmic Power of the Five Natural elements, Nature’s support that is also entwined with the Divine intervention and blessing.”

Q2: Where is its origin?
Yagyas have originated and evolved from Vedas. The Vedas (Sanskrit वेद véda, “knowledge”) are a large body of sacred texts originated in ancient India. Composed in Vydic Sanskrit World’s most ancient language), these texts constitute the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism forming the culture’s very soul and essence. Vedas are the living and never ending proof of the Sanathana Dharma.

Vedas are known in Sanskrit as ‘Apoorusheyyam’ – means that which were not written or composed by any ‘Purusha’ (means any Man or mankind). It is of Divine Origin, Eternal Truth and hence their origin is impossible to trace as they existed even before the origin of the creation. Vedas have been directly revealed by God Himself to the mankind and thus are called śruti (“what is heard”) and were heard by the Rishis when they were on their deep Yoga / Tapas or Samadhi in a specific ‘Swaram’ or certain special Tone (Sound with specific defined wave length and in a certain rhythmic way).

These were then passed on by these Rishis to their Disciples in the same exact way as they heard. The Most Sacred Vedas have been thus passed on traditionally for innumerable generations from the time unknown.

Q3: How do Yagyas influence us?
Yes, Yagyas can and will have an influence on one and all. It is a specific Vedic Science where Vedic Technology is applied to attain certain specific results using the support of nature and using the Vedic Knowledge and through the means of different branches of Vedic texts such as Vedas, Astrology, Mantras, etc.

Q4: Different Vedic Processes: There are many forms of Vedic processes like Pooja, Homa, Japa, Tarpana, Chayana & Yagya and more that are less known to general public. Commonly the people in west know all these different processes by the name of ‘Yagya’ only. But there is difference between them all.

Pooja – This is a much simpler form used for daily practice for all. In this form of ceremonial worship – Lord is worshipped by 16 forms of ‘Upacharas’ to the Deities. This could range from a simple and short daily rites in common households to an elaborate one such as in an established Temples.

Homa – Homa (also known as Homam or Havan) is a ritual in which offerings are made into a consecrated fire. This is a Fire Ceremony done on a smaller scale.

Japa – Is a Vedic process involving the meditative repetition of a mantra or the name of God for a certain number of times as a regular practice. Time period for doing a Japa could vary from a short brief one to very long time. This will enhance the spiritual strength of the doer.

Tarpanam – Is the recitation of the related mantra done to the relevant Deity and leaving some rice grains with some sacred water in front of the picture or statue form of the related Deity in a plate. This water is left in a river or near any plant or tree. This will then merge in to the environment and blends with the level of consciousness thus gains the support of the nature for the Sankalpa and helps in achieving the desired target.

Chayana – This is another form of Yagya done by 32 Vedic Pundits. Sacrificing an animal is one of the processes involved in this. But this is not Tantric but its pure Vedic process.

Yagya – This is a Vedic ritual of fire being done from Vedic times. This is a very powerful one and has many different forms of offerings that are made to the Sacred fire accompanied with many sacred chanting simultaneously. There are many kinds of Yagyas. This can be done only with the help of or through a Vedic Pundit’s help, one who has been specifically trained for performing these Yagyas.

Q5: How do Yagyas work?
Yagya is a process that involves the application of specific prescribed Vedic sounds from Vedic texts that are recited by specially trained Vedic experts for achieving a specific desirable effect. Those desirable effects could be to gain Longitivity, for promoting health, to the success of an organization or establishment, to impend or for averting any foreseen dangers, accidents, to neutralizing negative energy for financial gains, for material or spiritual growth for moving up to greater planes in and after life. And Yagyas can be even used to spread peace and harmony globally.

These Yagyas can be therefore called as a Spiritual instrument that has been in practice since time immemorial through Vedic Technology that has been used for resolving issues faced by the people. Depending on the various kinds of needs, Pundit C S Samavedula & VYC (Vedic Yagya Center) has categorized these Yagyas and they were given different names for the convenience & easy understating for the public so that they can attain their definite target through these Yagyas easily without any confusion or doubt.