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Maha Shivarathri Celebration

Maha Shivarathri is a very auspicious Vedic festival when Lord Shiva’s birthday is traditionally celebrated. Although Lord Shiva is associated with ‘destroyer,’ we view the God as a transformer because it is through transformation that change happens.

Worship of this high god, Lord Shiva, and praising him in his multiple forms can bring about change in the areas of health, happiness, prosperity and more!

The significance of this ceremony and worship of Lord Shiva will bring blessings to create fortune in life. Abundance of love in relationships, enlightenment, good health and endowments in activities are just some of the many graces that Lord Shiva will give to those that propitiate him.

One way to show veneration towards Lord Shiva is through the bathing ceremony, or abhisheka, using milk, yogurt, honey, sugar and ghee with a fire ceremony (Rudraabhisheka homa, Pasupata mantra, and jyotirlinga), and yagya ritual.

This year to honor Lord Shiva’s birthday, the Vedic Yagya Center is preparing a special Pasupata yagya of remedies. Through the Pasupata mantra (an intricate worship of Lord Shiva) one can gain the fulfillment of their desired benefits. This practice of yagya is preached to Arjuna by Krishna in earlier times. With the 169 mantras in Rudra, we will summarize those specifically desired mantras and anoint Shiva. Even though this is a very powerful format of worship on its own, its powers are amplified during the day of Sivaratri, causing the participant/sponsor to gain results much more quickly. Hence, Pundit Samavedula is recommending these special yagyas on the day of Sivaratri.

This year the VYC is doing a Ekadasha Maha Rudra Pasupata Rudraabhisheka havan, homa and yagya starting at 9:00 in the morning for individuals seeking special benefits of:

Success in Business
Spiritual enlightenment
Neutralization of negative influences by unwanted negative focuses
Neutralization and success in legal issues
Removal of serious health obstacles and finding the right therapies

In the evening, the center will be offering prayers to Lord Shiva by propitiating the 5 faces and forms of Shiva that represent the 5 elements of nature with shakti of Prakruti and Purusha.

S Forms of Lord Shiva: Representation with
elements of
SADHYOJATA or MAHADEVA– 1st form of Shiva’s face
Earth element
  2 VAMADEVA – 2nd  form of Shiva’s face Water element
  3AGHORA – 3rd form of Shiva’s face Fire
4   TATPURUSHA – 4th form of Shiva’s face Wind element
5   ESHANA – 5th form of
Shiva’s face
Sky or Ether

The benefits from sponsoring these five special yagyas are:

  • Relationships and finding a suitable spouse
  • Protection from evil spirits and enemies
  • Good health
  • Recuperation from illness and health challenges (neutralization of these issues)
  • Spiritual growth
  • Financial gain
  • Success in business and gaining lost wealth and getting rid of blocks to monetary gain

For more details on the levels of sponsorship for this very auspicious birthday celebration of Lord Shiva, click here!

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