Custom Yagyas

Through the careful evaluation of your Vedic astrology (Jyotish) chart, our expertly trained pandits will determine the karmic/planetary influences that are occurring in your life at the present and the ones that will manifest in the future. They will then prescribe the Customized Yagya(s), which should be performed to neutralize the unfavorable influences and enhance the favorable influences. Our consultation fee for reading your astrology chart and for prescribing the yagyas needed is $201 USD. However, if you order one or more of the yagyas that we recommend, your consultation fee payment will be applied toward the cost of the yagya(s)

When you order a yagya, you will be given CDs or electronic audio recordings with mantras to listen to. These can help to enhance and facilitate the effects of the yagya(s).

Visit our consultation page or contact us for a custom yagyas that fills your needs.

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