Daily Needs Yagyas

Daily Yagyas Needs – In addition to Graha Shanti Yagyas to protect us from unfavorable influences, there are also other specially designed Yagyas for performing on Daily basis. These are designed keeping peoples general day to day needs and protection for them in mid by Punditji. These take the support of Nature to all areas of life including: health, wealth, harmony, interpersonal relationships, business and spiritual growth and yield prosperity in all walks of life.

Important note on Daily Yagyas: These are strong are very powerful which will help you and your family with not only Financial strength, but also cover General Good Health, Prosperity, removal of any negative energies or Karmas for you. The benefits include Spiritual protection and advancement along with material benefits too such as success & prosperity. Although the 3 Yagyas seem to yield the same results, the main difference lies in the strength of the Yagyas as its strength is based on the Sankalapa recited for each Yagya category varies. Which simultaneously yields the results with the varied intensity. We do have 3 categories in this –

(a) Daily Individual Yagya – This is for you and your Family (up to 2 to 4 members) exclusively done by 2 of our Vedic Pundits daily for an entire month. Due to the concentrated Sankalpa done exclusively for you only, generates very powerful and effective results and yields to a very satisfactory and a happy month after month as long as done. This costs $501.00 / month.

(b) Daily Group Yagya – This is also done just as above only and results are also the same except that the intensity in low when compared to the above one because the Sankalpa for you (And your family) is done in a group along with the other sponsors. Therefore this costs less $301.00 / month.

(c) Exclusive Daily Individual + Business Welfare Yagyas – This is a very powerful & effective combination of the Daily Individual Yagyas plus Business Improvement, Development & Prosperity Yagyas. This powerful combination yields very favorable & effective results. This costs $801.00/ month.

Below given are the details of different types of Standard Yagyas that we offer. You may choose any of them that suits your needs and budget:

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