Special Events Yagyas

Special Events Yagyas: These are personalized Yagyas that are linked to the very special events in one’s lives. This category of Yagyas include special Yagyas for very personal significant moments that hold a very special place in our lives such as Birthdays, 60th, 70th, 80th Special Birthday events, Wedding Anniversaries and Yagyas for celebrating the new birth of a child, Yagyas for neutralizing any negativity associated with the birth timings or performing Shrartha (Death Anniversary) Yagyas for the souls of the departed beloved family members or Pitru Dosha Nivarana Yagyas etc.

All these Yagyas are very special and totally customized for the event based needs of the person. These Yagyas are exclusively designed by VYC by combining the Yagyas that will use the support of Nature to bring to the individuals and the families in these times for those special moments when specific Laws of Nature are particularly lively and accessible.

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