Karthika Masa Pasupathams 2018


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Pasupatham is a very powerful Vydic process used to help in attaining special goals pertaining to health, wealth and other material benefits. These act as Lord Sri Rama’s arrow in combating difficulties (like sure shot to the point without missing the goal) and have evolved from Lord Shiva’s Pasupatha Astra (Lord Shiva Special Weapon), Hence the name Pasupatham. Many God’s and Saints have attained these Pasupatha Powers from Lord Shiva after very long time meditation and then bound them in Mantra form and instilled them in various Sacred Vydic texts such as Meru Shastra, Rudram and Mahanyasam and so on. Pasupathams are different from the regular Homas (Or Yagyas). These are enjoined with Special Pasupatha Mantras, entwined with unique procedures which were extracted from different Shastras known to only a few, done with multiple combinations depending on the need of the person and the intensity if his/her need. To attain sure and definite results, these Pasupatha Yagyas must be conducted with utmost dedication, sanctity and must be adhered to the specified rules as given in the Shastras done with full faith in Lord Shiva and Pasupatham Yagya. There are many different types of Pasupatham Yagyas that have been given to fulfill different needs. These Special Pasupatha Yagya Mantras must be chanted to a definite given number of days such as 21, 22, 41, 120 along with other suggested Vydic procedures. Results of the Pasupatham Yagyas depends on the intensity of the issue and the longer the Pasupatham Yagyas are done. Pundit Samavedula has for the first time has come up with such a great idea of combining all these and presenting them all to-gather and unique combinations of many such Pasupatha Yagyas being conducted in the holiest month of Karthika Month of the Vydic Calendar year. That is why, being part of these Pasupathams in this Sacred period multiplies the benefits to many more time. This is something extremely rare and not all are qualified and has the enough experience and knowledge to do this. So one must not loose such a wonderful chance as this. Just for making it very affordable to all, the prices are so low that one does not have to look at or worry about the cost and can happily participate in any one or more or all Pasupatha Yagyas.

Karthika Masa Pasupathams 2018

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