Maha Dhana Lakshmi Puja

Description : Maha Dhana Lakshmi Puja – Sponsors will yield beneficial results irrespective of what is in one’s natal chart. Thus one will gain blessings and lead a smooth, prosperous, happy life.

$197/month Aug 24th-Sep 25th 2018


Product Description

Lakshmi Laksha KumKumarchana
Aug 24th-Sep 25th 2018

Daily Lakshmi Sahasranamarchana (1000 Names of Maha Lakshmi) for one month! 

 Do you want:

  • Lift your blocks to prosperity and money?
  • Increase your business sales?
  • More material blessings and comforts in your life?
  • Help with your finances and relief from bankruptcy stress? 

…This yagya series is for you with the blessings of Lakshmi!

Lakshmi is the principle of abundance in all forms spiritual and material. This yagya series consists of daily yagyas for prosperity, business success, financial gains and overcoming debts.

The Vedic of repetitive mantras and ritual in the forms of yagyas and fire pujas lift karmas to that block material and spiritual success. These ancient methods raise vibrations to the heavens which result in strengthening the consciousness of words to gain wealth and abundance.

Material abundances such as happiness, satisfaction, contentment, harmony, reduced frustration and an easier flow in life can be expected from participation in these yagyas when practiced in full faith.


Level 1: $197 for the full program (till sep 25th): your name is added to the daily puja ritual.

Level 2: $33 per day – your name is added to one puja ritual.

Additional Information

Yagya Service Offerings

Level 1 Full Program, Level 2 Each Day,


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