Special Yagyas on Raksha Bandhan

August 25th, special brothers and sisters yagya will be offered to promote good relationships within the family.


  • To create harmony and bring blessings to the brother and sister relationship
  • Help with issues and toxic buildup
  • Strengthen the relationship
  • Assistance with communication
  • Neutralizing challenges in areas of family relationships
  • Help with a loss, letting go and transitions
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Product Description

Relationships are the essence of Indian festivals and Raksha Bandhan on the 25th of August brings the family together to honor the bonds of affection between brothers and sisters.

It is a day when siblings pray for each others’ well being and wish for each others’ happiness and goodwill. The Vedic Yagya Center and Pundit Samavedula can help you offer a special custom yagya, called the Rakshabandhana Yagya ritual to honor your brothers and sisters or friends that are like brothers and sisters in order to bring you both blessings of abundance, prosperity, joy and good health.

If your loved one is no longer on this Earth, you can still honor that bond with a special remembrance ceremony or ritual.


  • Creates more harmony between brothers and sisters to strengthen the relationship



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