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Sri Dhumavati

Description & Benefits: Her devotees will be relieved of suffering from illnesses, grief, loss and are comforted by being saved from sad, pathetic situations. Sri Dhumavati Devi is the Goddess of death or Mrityu Devata. She has a blackish grey complexion and is popularly known as ‘Utchatana Devata’ as she removes all the difficulties and […]

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Dasa Maha Vidya Homas and Monthly Pournami – Dhumavati Devi

Description : The power of Dasa Mahavidyas Upasana is beyond any comparison and above all limitations. Doing Dasha Maha Vidyas Upsana is like having the ‘Chintamani jewel’ that annihilates all difficulties, removes all worries and yields all worldly comforts and also bestows Divine blessings.

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